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Loles Sanchis Meditación Mindfulness Albal Balaguera

Retreat experience.

Loles Sanchis Instructora Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Wellbeing 
by Loles Sanchis

Mindfulness Facilitator and certified teacher by the Mindfulness Association UK for Adults and Teens. Cultivating Emotional Balance and meditation Instructor certified by Santa Barbara Institute.

I developed my professional career in People and Organizations Development with international experience in countries including Spain, China and UK. 

After many years in Human Resources positions, I shifted my attention to human development, meditation, and wellbeing. Over the last ten years, I have developed my meditation practice and teaching skills in India, Nepal, UK and Spain, with well-known Tibetan Buddhist and secular Mindfulness teachers. This involvement increased my interest in the relation between meditation, ethics and emotions.

I guide people who want to enrich and improve their quality of life through a meaningful, kind and didactic meditation practice. My main aspiration is to contribute to people´s ethical and emotional awareness through meditation practices.


Become an agent of your own life, make decisions that improve your day to day with security and confidence, and impact positively in your community.

Did you know that practising Mindfulness can rewire your brain? 

One study found 8 brain regions that consistently altered in meditators, including areas key to meta-awareness, body awareness, memory, self and emotion regulation. 

Conkalma provides Mindfulness and Emotional Balance courses, conferences and workshops.


Let me go with you in the process of cultivating mindfulness and emotional well-being.

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How to learn to meditate?






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