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Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Programmes

Mindfulness for adults courses where it will be introduced mindfulness as a practice, stay present, how to overcome constant distraction, stress and anxiety, and self-acceptance.


Mindfulness for Young Adults (11-18) Each session explores themes such as ‘Your amazing mind’, ‘Staying present’, ‘Dropping anchor’ into the present moment (using the support of breath, body or sound), distraction, attitude, appreciation, and what it might mean to live a mindful life – one that is in alignment with what we value.


Founded positive effects on burnout, wellbeing and stress. Mindfulness can assist with focus and a range of cognitive skills. Studies have shown that those using mindfulness report lower levels of stress and are able to concentrate longer. Learning meditation is learning a personal tool to generate inner resources to deal with life but also to unfold the person inner potential.

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Based in learning how to meaningfully attend to the emotional experiences between the self and others, coupled with attention-focused meditations (Mindfulness and meditation practice of loving-kindness, empathetic joy, altruism and equanimity), fosters constructive interpersonal communication. It mixes mindfulness, other meditation practices, and emotional intelligence.

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