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Loles Sanchis
Mindfulness Facilitator

Mindfulness and Cultivating Emotional Balance facilitator. On the process of being listed in the UK List of Mindfulness Teachers with the guidance and training of Mindfulness Association where I completed Mindfulness for Adults and Mindfulness for Young Adults teacher training courses (MBLC).


Academic education: currently studying an MA in Global Ethics and Human Values at King´s College of London, MSc in HR and Organization Development, ESIC. Master in Hospitality Management, Cornell University. Degree in History, University of Valencia.

Over the last years, I have spent time in different countries, simplified my life and recently been a mum. I have been practising meditation and studying Tibetan Buddhism philosophy for more than seven years. This involvement increased my interest in the relationship between meditation, ethics and emotions. It was then when my attention shifted towards human development, meditation, and wellbeing. 


Before becoming a Mindfulness Teacher, I developed a professional career in People and Organizations Development and Leadership with experience in Spain and China. After all those years, I experienced, like many others, how much stress and emotional unbalance affected my professional and personal life, my health and welfare. Since I practise and teach meditation, I realize that it is fantastic training to connect with our deepest feelings and values, to learn how to calm our selves and see things happening from a different outlook. 

Mostly in India, UK and Spain, I attended meditation retreats and courses taught by prestigious teachers like Alan Wallace, Eve Ekman or Glen Svenson and others well-known Buddhist teachers like Geshe Lhakdor, Lama Rinchen, and Venerable Lobsang Namgyel.  In 2016, I had the privilege of attending to Cultivating Emotional Balance Teachers Training focused on emotions and meditation based on the latest scientific research, taught by influential teachers in the field as are Eve Ekman and Allan Wallace. At that moment is when I could explore more how emotions affect our deep will and values. 

It is observed that there is an inner conflict between values and emotions that is a big part of our structural morality and in every moment is shaping our character as a person but also as a community, drawing at the same time our culture. 

With the MA in Global Ethics and Human Values, I narrow my main interest, which is to contribute to the people´s ethical and emotional development to become agents of their lives and impact positively in communities, but also acknowledging that we are social partners and responsible for today and future generations. 

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