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MINDFULNESS is a practice of awareness development and self-knowledge that increases our potential as human beings. Silence, stillness, and relaxation create the bases for developing a stable and clear awareness that support us in our every day lives.


The benefits of this practice are countless; reduces stress and anxiety, boost resilience, improve cognitive abilities, help the brain reduce distractions, develop attention skills...


As a result, we can experience a better mood, reduced fatigue, self-appreciation, better sleeping, even can affect positively on our general health.


Emotional Balance


CULTIVATING EMOTIONAL BALANCE (CEB) course integrates psychology and contemplative practices that can help anyone achieve greater emotional awareness and balance.


It emphasizes the development of meaningful happiness through connection to core aspirations and mental well-being through ethical, attentional, cognitive and emotional balance.


Thus, cultivates a deep sense of ethical awareness and more authentic aspirations for genuine and greater well-being.


CEB has been adapted for various settings including workplaces, schools, universities, hospitals, and more.

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